SMS App Tutorial

The basic idea is we've create a blog in Squarespace for Pit Admin request specifically for the Las Vegas Regional.


When a new Pit Admin request comes in, you'll create and publish a new blog post, then tell everyone using our custom SMS app.


How to Create A Blog Post

For Houston Champs 2019 Click on this URL:

(It should open in a new window.)

 You might need to click on the top post that says “Welcome to Pit Admin!” or you might not but once things look right follow the steps below.

Click on the + icon:

The "Edit Post" dialog will appear:

Enter the Post Title

This should be something descriptive and short, like "Team 5012 Needs a Stapler!"

Enter the Details

This should be enough detail that teams can figure out what is actually needed, specifically. A paragraph of text (if needed) would be okay here. You'll enter this text in the area where it says "Write here…"

Add the Map

To add the map, hover over the "Write here…" area. You'll see a round line appear. Click it.

A pop up will appear where you can choose what content to insert. Choose "Image".


Another pop-up will appear. Drag the map for the team (5012 in this example) into the image well where it says "Add an image.", and click "Apply".

Save and Publish the Post

If the post looks good to you, you can save and publish it by clicking the "Save and Publish" button in the lower right corner.

Get a Short URL from

The next step is to get a short URL from

(The link will open in a new window.)

To do this, you'll need to get the URL of the post you just created. The easiest way to do this is to select the post in the list on the left, and then Right-click on the date of the post (APRIL 7, 2017) and choose "Copy Link Address". Then got to and paste in the URL. will automatically generate a short URL for you, which you can then copy.

Send out the SMS

Next, go to the SMS App: (The link will open a new window.)

First, paste in the numbers we'll be sending to. Here's the current list of folks who should be sent texts at Champs (you can edit this later if you need to, adding and removing numbers):

3234823203, 6618396757, 9519727196, 6614062001, 6614705741

Next, craft your message. Repeating the short title for the post you wrote earlier is a good idea. You'll also want to let them to know to click the link to get more info, and see a map.

IMPORTANT: The message, including the URL, MUST be less than 160 characters. Otherwise, the text will not be sent and you will get no error message.

When you're done, click the button to send.


For new numbers send them three texts with the following messages: 

1) Hi from Team 5012 Gryffingear. You are receiving this text because you are a part of the FIRST Champs this weekend. We will send out Pit Admin needs. 

2) You can see our ongoing requests at the following link: Have a Gracious Day!:) 

3) P.S. If you are receiving this text by accident, or want to unsubscribe, text STOP to (323)482-3203. 

Edit the Post

Once the request has been filled, you can give credit to the team who has done so. Click "Edit" on the post you want to edit, then hover over the top of the entry and insert a new content of type "Text". You can then say whatever you want, such as "UPDATE: Big THANK YOU to Team 4326 for bringing a stapler!"