Engineering and business ops

Gryffingear is split onto two main committees, those being engineering and business operations.
Engineering is all about the robot and making sure the robot we have to compete with is top notch and amazing at what it does. They use the loudest part of the shop, with all the tools and machinery that scream success, to build and modify our prized bots.
On the other hand, business operations is all about making a name for ourselves, whether it be through awards, imagery, or finance. They handle the numbers and pictures instead of the wrenches and metal.


Both of these committees do completely opposite things, but work together to form two halves of the whole that is Team 5012 Gryffingear. The yin and yang, if you will.

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Awards committee's main purpose is to ensure all team events are recorded. We take pictures of these events and organize them in chronological order. This helps them when its time to focus on the Chairman's Binder, which includes all events the team participates in. The Chairman's Award is our main focus. However, we also focuses on all other relevant awards. We collaborate with the whole team, but primarily focus on cooperating with communications. We are like the historians of the team -- recording and preserving all past events that the team partook in. We have two main responsibilities: meeting deadlines for award submissions and completing and maintaining the upkeep of the Chairman's Binder. Although we look like underdogs when compared to other committees, it takes every one of our gears to keep our griffin running smoothly. 

Communications - B.O.

The communications committee exists to ensure that the team is recognized not only within the FIRST community but also in our own local community. It is important that we update our sponsors and the world of our accomplishments. On top of that, we integrate the team’s brand throughout both marketing and engineering- producing the consistency of a real world corporation. Some of the tasks we accomplish include updating sponsors on team apparel and flyers, promoting and advertising events, ensuring the team complies with the brand guidelines, communicating with fellow FIRST teams, and keeping our community up to date with photos and videos of what the our team does.



FINANCE - b.o.

The finance committee primarily manages the expenses and revenue of team 5012. Most of this revenue is obtained via fundraising, grants, sponsorships, etc. We overview the spending of our team and plan a budget for the season in order to efficiently balance funds and prevent over spending. (MAY NEED WORK OR ADDING TO)

Manufacturing - Eng.

Manufacturing is a group of team members that work together heavily with each committee on the engineering side of Gryffingear. They specialize in the manufacturing of the robot, thus giving the name: Manufacturing Committee. However, this committee also works on creating many field elements depending on each year’s game as well as work on the creation of side projects to help improve other committees on the team. (NEEDS WORK)

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Control Systems - eng.

Control Systems is the subsystem that is in charge of doing wiring, writing code, and running the pneumatic system for the robot. Control systems is made up of 5 students, 3 seniors and 2 freshman. They are in charge of making sure that all of the control systems for the robot are running smoothly, in and out of competition. The subsystem does all of the coding for the robot and this includes things such as sensors, motors, and solenoids. The wiring of the robot includes this and other things like the voltage regulator module, pneumatic control module, roboRio, and the power distribution panel (NEEDS WORK)