Engineering and business ops

Gryffingear is split onto two main committees, those being engineering and business operations.

Business and Operations


The Awards and Recognition committee's main purpose is to ensure the team qualifies for as many awards as possible. Our subcommittee, outreach organizes all of our community events in chronological order. This helps Awards and Recognition when it's time to focus on the Chairman's Binder. The Chairman's Award is our main focus. However, we also focus on all other relevant awards. We collaborate with the whole team, but primarily focus on our collaboration with the communications committee. We record and preserve all past events that the team partook in. We have two main responsibilities: meeting deadlines for award submissions and completing and maintaining the upkeep of the Chairman's Binder.


So, what is the Communications Committee? We are the team apparel, which is constantly updated to ensure utmost accuracy and cohesion. We are the theme-related items given out at competition, like team buttons and bracelets and we are the knowledge at the fingertips of thousands of people who receive our brochures and business cards. We are the branding standards that maintain the team's consistency from competition handouts to team apparel every year. We're the pit design that stands out as a result of hours of meticulous planning. We are the imagery, the inspiration, and most importantly, the magic behind Gryffingear.


The finance committee primarily manages the expenses and revenue of team 5012. Most of this revenue is obtained via fundraising, grants, sponsorships, etc. We overview the spending of our team and plan a budget for the season in order to efficiently balance funds and prevent over spending. (MAY NEED WORK OR ADDING TO)


The outreach subcommittee presents and organizes all the events the team partakes in, such as who attends each event, other teams that are involved, and how long the event is run for. In outreach, they look for new outreach opportunities and contact organizations that can offer such opportunities. Members of the outreach sub-committee are responsible for coordinating and scheduling shifts for outreach events as well as tracking outreach and community service hours of team members. They also document descriptions of events and event details.


Mentoring committee's main purpose is to find FIRST Robotics teams around our school, including FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Lego League, and providing student mentors from team 5012 to help in areas of weakness. The mentoring committee maintains contact with the teams, student mentors, and adult advisors of the teams to ensure that the help that is being provided by the student mentors is acceptable and beneficial to our school's FIRST Robotics teams. The Student Mentors provided by the mentoring committee are expected to provide helpful tips, methods, comments and suggestions to the FIRST Robotics teams around the school.


Manufacturing - Eng.

Manufacturing is a group of team members that work together heavily with each committee on the engineering side of Gryffingear. They specialize in the manufacturing of the robot, thus giving the name: Manufacturing Committee. However, this committee also works on creating many field elements depending on each year’s game as well as work on the creation of side projects to help improve other committees on the team. (NEEDS WORK)

Control Systems - eng.

Control Systems is the subsystem that is in charge of doing wiring, writing code, and running the pneumatic system for the robot. Control systems is made up of 5 students, 3 seniors and 2 freshman. They are in charge of making sure that all of the control systems for the robot are running smoothly, in and out of competition. The subsystem does all of the coding for the robot and this includes things such as sensors, motors, and solenoids. The wiring of the robot includes this and other things like the voltage regulator module, pneumatic control module, roboRio, and the power distribution panel (NEEDS WORK)


Shop and Pit has the responsibility of not only taking care of the shop by keeping it clean and organized, but also by making sure everything is where it is supposed to be, but by also making sure it's restocked when necessary.Being pit lead means that you have the knowledge of the robot such as speed of the drive train and certain mechanisms and you also have to make sure you have everyhting you would need for the pit, including tools, and other marketing resources.